My name is Traci Gibson.  At the age of 31, I was diagnosed with stage 3b breast cancer.  As a wife and mother of 3 boys, I had no idea of the changes I would go through in the years to come.

At first, the diagnosis brought feelings of devastation and grief, pure sorrow.  Soon after came the anger and defiance that I was in no way going to succumb to this awful disease.

My children, ages 6, 4, and 5 months needed me too much, and my husband wasn’t about to let go either.  Our fight began.

As time went on, I developed a sense of gratitude, appreciation and overwhelming love, as my family, friends, and community came together to support my husband and I while I went through countless different cycles of chemotherapy and radiation.  I was so blessed to have people coming and going, helping us with day care, meals, bills, whatever I needed, and even things I didn’t even know I needed!  My family, friends and community changed our lives forever.

It is from all of this love and support that I grew this “Hope” inside of me.  A Hope to help others. To show my children what others have shown me.

Traci’s Hope is a not-for-profit fund I set up to help Men and Women who are going through breast cancer in our area.  We pay for many different services that insurance companies don’t pay for.  Sometimes it is gas cards, or day care.  Sometimes it is house cleaning, or mortgage payments.  While fighting this disease, the needs could be endless, and nobody should have to do it alone.  Traci’s Hope is here to make sure everyone gets the support I was so blessed with.

Seven years later, we are still fighting the fight.  I still have the support I started out with, and thank God for them every day.  In the end, I only hope for a cure for all cancers and there is no need for Traci’s Hope.  With this, we will all have the feeling of peace.

Thank you for your support of Traci’s Hope, and helping to help others in need.

God bless,

Traci Gibson

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    this is BJ we are doing the trail ride in September, I still have not received your certificate that states you are non profit. We need this for some of our sponsors. If you could please email it to me or mail me a copy, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you BJ Carey
    1263 rice road
    New milford pa 18834

  2. Lisa Upham

    This is Lisa Upham, Director of Respiratory Services at Bridgewater in Binghamton, NY. We were wondering if we could offer our support for your upcoming annual picnic event in Appalachin with bottled water. We have supported the Pink Panther race for Traci’s Hope at Northeast Bradford School in this manner for several years now. Please contact me if this is something you are interested in and we will discuss details how it will work best for you. Best regards, Lisa Upham

      1. Lisa Upham

        After speaking with the team, we plan to support you with 1000 waters from Bridgewater
        for the October 1st event.

        Please feel free to call me next week (I’m out till Monday) and we can talk about the logistics
        of getting the waters where you need them and when. I’m not certain I have your number still.
        Call 607-722-7225 ext. 116.

  3. Karen Parsons

    I am looking for a contact name and number to speak with in regards to a fund raising donation. Our RV park on Lake Ontario has chosen Traci’s Hope to be a one third recipient of the Paint the Park Pink fundraiser to help those with breast cancer.

    Thank you!

  4. Alan Greene

    I am writing in regard to a tax receipt for a donation we made to Traci’s Hope in memory of Margy Karpel Mills. We made a $100 donation on Nov 27, 2016 and would appreciate a tax receipt if possible. Thank you in advance.

  5. Greg Johnson

    Hello We (81 North Classic Events) will be hosting an High School Girls Basketball Holiday Classic
    (F.B.C Holiday Classic) in the Binghamton NY area December 29th-30th 2017. We want to bring some more awareness to Breast Cancer through the game of basketball. We are looking to partner with a Breast Cancer Foundation AND WE HOPE THAT COULD BE YOU.

    1. tracishope Post author

      I have passed this on to someone who should get back to you soon!! Thank you for thinking of us!!

  6. Trisha Congdon

    My organization is setting up a Women’s Health Event with a special focus on Breast Cancer in October of this year. We would like to invite your organization to participate! Please contact me via email if there is interest and for more information.

    1. tracishope Post author

      Sorry I didn’t get a notice for this comment … please forgive me for answering so late … I have sent this on to someone and they should get back to you soon … thank you for thinking of us!!

  7. Sue Stevens

    Hello, the State Champion Whitney Point Field Hockey team once again hosted a Traci’s Hope fundraising game on Oct. 3, 2017. We are proud to say that we raised over 500 dollars at this event and will be sending a check to the address listed on the website. Please acknowledge these girls on your list of events if possible or on your facebook page! Thank you

  8. Sue Darpino

    Good afternoon.
    Just wanted to let you know that the Varsity Club at Vestal High School hosted All Out Pink Out again this year and I’m happy to say the kids raised $670 for Traci’s Hope. I will be sending the check to you this week.

    1. tracishope Post author

      Let them all know we thank them very much!! I saw the news clip which I have shared! Traci would be proud!!

  9. Natalie Novak

    Hi, I’m Natalie Novak, the CEO of Athletes 2 Athletes or A2A. We are a local non-profit organization that raises money for our community. This year we would like our cause to be breast cancer and we would like to donate to Traci’s Hope. We would like permission on using your logos and name, for our website and as needed. Please feel free email me at any time. Thank you

    1. tracishope Post author

      I have passed this on and someone should be getting back to you shortly! Thank you for thinking of us!! 🙂


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