2 thoughts on “Kayaking for a KURE!!

  1. Doug and Toni Hess

    My husband and I are going to register this weekend. we both have our own kayaks so we just need to sign up. We would like to know where to send the registration forms after we get them . Is there an address we can have or just bring it the day of the event? Thank you for the help and the event!!!

    1. tracishope Post author

      We are only a few days away!!!! Read carefully……if you need to rent a kayak or canoe tomorrow is the deadline. Call text email me and I will try to help you. I cannot guarantee you a kayak or canoe after tomorrow. If you own or have a kayak to use then you can sign up from now up to and including the 26th. I believe we are up to 62 people registered. Thank you all so much. Ryan Kline


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