Monthly Archives: April 2016

Rock Your Wing Off/Rock for the Rack Special Offer


With the purchase of a ticket for “Rock Your Wing Off”, a pregame party for “Rock for the Rack”, that ticket will now also get you into “Rock for the Rack” for free. So for $20 you get all you can eat wings and 3 bands at “Rock Your Wing Off” and 9 bands at “Rock for the Rack”! Nichole Hulbert, Steve Hulbert,Toni Hayes @ Farmers Insurance in Whitney Point, Kay Ryan, and The Octagon Inn in Glenn Aubrey will all have tickets to sell. All proceeds go to Traci’s Hope ūüôā¬†These guys are working real hard to make this event a big success…please share and pass on to family and friends…it all is going to a great cause…Traci’s Hope…helping to help others in need with breast cancer!!!




Traci’s Hope would like to take a moment to thank you for all of your contribution and support.  We love and appreciate that you put your own time aside to help men and women with breast cancer.  There is no kinder act then helping someone less fortunate than yourself.  Every Volunteer I have met is a person who goes above and beyond to help in their own way.  Every one of you are special and we love what you are doing and continue to do for Traci’s Hope.  Keep up the great work you guys!!