Rock Your Wing Off/Rock for the Rack Special Offer


With the purchase of a ticket for “Rock Your Wing Off”, a pregame party for “Rock for the Rack”, that ticket will now also get you into “Rock for the Rack” for free. So for $20 you get all you can eat wings and 3 bands at “Rock Your Wing Off” and 9 bands at “Rock for the Rack”! Nichole Hulbert, Steve Hulbert,Toni Hayes @ Farmers Insurance in Whitney Point, Kay Ryan, and The Octagon Inn in Glenn Aubrey will all have tickets to sell. All proceeds go to Traci’s Hope 🙂 These guys are working real hard to make this event a big success…please share and pass on to family and friends…it all is going to a great cause…Traci’s Hope…helping to help others in need with breast cancer!!!

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